Handmade Soap – Rooibos & Honey Glycerine Soap


100g Handmade Soap Bar – Rooibos & Honey Glycerine. Gentle cleansing power


Our ancestors knew what they were doing, and did it for thousands of years. Our soaps are lovingly made in small batches from pure and natural ingredients, and allowed to cure naturally for 4 – 6 weeks.

Soap making is just like cooking, caring for a child or tending to the elderly – it all needs love, attention and time. We believe the hands on approah of handmade soap provides soap the love and attention it needs and know you can feel that energy once you use it.

The anti-oxidant and anti-aging qualities of Rooibos is preserved in this soap, along with vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and zinc, which helps to promote healthy skin.

Honey has amazing humectant qualities, while creating a protective barrier against the elements and soothing irritated skin with excellent anti-inflammatory qualities.


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