Danesh Sauv 6x750ml


Danesh* is a superior blended grape beverage that is low is sugar, high in antioxidants and approved by the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation and South African National Halaal Authority.

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A healthy, sophisticated drink suited to be paired with spicy foods. We have used over 25 different flavour combinations in each of our varietals. Each flavour has been tracked from around the world to give you the most authentic taste that complements any meal. Danesh also comes with the added benefit of being low in sugar and rich in the natural anti-oxidant Resveratrol.

We have collaborated with award-winning scientists and analysed the characteristics of traditional beverages to capture their taste profile using grape, apple and pear juice concentrates as well as other natural flavours dissolved in mineral water.

From exquisite designs to customised liquids, our products enable anyone to enjoy a drink that both complements and enhances the flavour of food.

Every ingredient, as well as the entire production of all our beverages has been endorsed and approved by the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA), a global Halaal authority, and is manufactured under their authorised supervision to ensure our final product is guaranteed Halaal. Our flavours encompasses four different sensory experiences:

  • Sight – Colour impacts the intensity of flavour; the darker the colour, the more intense the flavour. We have ensured that our full range mimics the characteristics of traditional beverages.
  • Taste – Our beverage has a complex array of flavours that are sensed throughout the mouth, enabling all types of foods to be enhanced during a pairing experience. In addition, the complexity of the flavours are designed to vary depending on the serving temperature. As consumers enjoy a meal, they would experience different flavours as the beverage fluctuates towards room temperature.
  • Smell – Complexity in smell complements taste. This sensory component has been overlooked for far too long. We have ensured that our beverages release aromas that enhance the overall tasting experience.
  • Touch – Also known as “mouth-feel” – Our quality beverages have a superior roundness, acidity and tannin feel creating a full complex touch. The effect creates a lingering taste that allows our beverage to fully complement any meal or tasting.

Every ingredient in Danesh is of approved food-grade quality. When compared to other adult beverages in the market (other than water and performance drinks), the health benefits of Danesh overwhelmingly surpasses those of any other brand. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued new guidelines for healthier diets limiting the amounts of fat and sugar in consumable goods (March and July 2015). For sugar, no more than 12.5 teaspoons per day is recommended in any healthy diet. Danesh has no fat/cholesterol (0) and very low sugar (0.1 – 0.2 tsp). A serving (5oz) of Danesh contains 5.0 – 8.8 calories and as little as 0.1 – 0.2 teaspoon of sugar.




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