Bitterbos Beard Oil 30ml


30ml Bitterbos Beard Oil


Beard oil is an essential part of a well-groomed beard. As the hair strands in your beard grow longer nutrients from the follicle will have a harder time reaching the outer parts of your hair strands. This means your beard will become more coarse and dry as it grows. The key to having a healthy and touchable beard is keeping it hydrated. Hydrated hair strands are softer, have a nice shine, and don’t tangle.

As your beard grows, it will also prevent the skin underneath from staying moisturized – causing itchiness, flakes, and a less than desirable environment for beard growth. A beard is only as healthy as the follicles it grows from. This is where Bitterbos Beard Oil comes in.

Bitterbos Beard Oil, with Jojoba and Avocado oils, will allow you to keep your beard and the skin beneath it well hydrated – creating a softer, less itchy, and more manageable beard. It is infused with the haunting scent of frankinsense, myrrh, sandalwood, and other essential oils.


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