Innovation breeds excellence

About Us

FEAW Things was established to bring together a variety if disciplines, all based on a simple philosophy, the pursuit of excellence. We celebrate the diverse creativity and innovative power of the human mind, always seeking ways to a more effective and satisfying way of life, whilst improving the state of health and wealth of our bodies and minds, the environment and our communities.

What we do

 Never content with doing one thing at a time, here at FEAW Things, we offer a wide range of products and services. 

Our experienced management team hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations.  We offer great, high-quality products and excellent service!  

Our current product list feature the following categories:

  1. Digital Printing and Sublimation

With today's technology almost anything is possible. Not only do we have a variety of interesting digitally ripped and printed products, but we can customise your products to your requirements with your favourite photos, company logo, sports team etc. The only limit is your imagination.

2.  Jewellery 

We carry a range of unique silver pieces, designed and hand-crafted around exquisite precious and semi-precious stones. These pieces are only produced in limited quantities. 

We also have range of costume jewellery that is uniquely handmade.

3.  Works of Art

Original works of art by local artists. 

4.  Handmade Soap

We take a natural approach to soap-making, striving to use only organic base materials. Our range of soaps are made in small batches, the old-fashioned way, with natural additives that are gentle and wholesome. 

We avoid the additional of chemicals, artificial fragrances and colourants and instead focus on what is good for the skin.

5.  Various Handmade Items

As part of our commitment to a healthy community, we source beautiful handmade items from micro-enterprises and community projects, such as handmade paper bags for wine bottles, handbags, and various other items

6.  Alcohol Free Wine

We are the online supplier for Inah Superior Grape Juice.

What's yet to come

3D printing

CNC Router

Rocket Stoves




Clothing range